When an individual self-facilitates a difference to themselves, I call this I Make a Difference.
When an individual facilitates another person to make a difference to themselves, I call this U Make a Difference.
When both individuals make a difference individually and together, I call this We Make a Difference.
When ‘WE’ make a difference, both individuals impact and facilitate a difference within their families, communities, workplaces, sports teams and any other group ‘WE’ are involved with. I call this Culturally Make a Difference.
And when 'WE' culturally make a difference, the influence and impact of that difference on everyone and the flow on effect it has, is significant and touches many. I call this Globally Make a Difference.

You can call me Minz – this stands for Made in New Zealand. People who like to get to know me and that allow me to get to know them tend to call me Minz – it is easier to remember.

I have been facilitating people’s processes for over twenty years. Resourcing individuals to develop their ability to self-facilitate the healing of their emotional, mental and energy processing. And development of their confidence and self-worth and the discovery of who they truly are.

Melinda Cates

Since my twenties I have been committed to exploring, creating and developing my own unique way of facilitating. This has been to heal myself of the emotional impacts and conditioning from my past. With my purpose being to discover my true self.

I knew I had the answers within me for what I needed to do for me. Out of that, I grew my ability to self-facilitate my personal growth.

In the first couple of years of being involved in the delivery of corporate training, I can to see and know that the people needed more than just the content that I was  delivering. I knew real change came from people owning the process. And I knew people had the answers inside of them, as to what was right for their work environment, families and themselves. The key was for me to develop an approach where I would walk beside them in their growth and be invisible in their process so that they owned it and I facilitated it. Out of this, I created my own unique style of facilitating others.

This lead me to travel and adventure I could never have imagined. 

I have developed and delivered programmes that support the empowerment, accountability and responsibility of individuals. I have resourced them with tools and processes so that they can be self-reliant in self-facilitating their process to make a difference to themsevles, their home and or work life.

I have trained people to facilitate, facilitated corporate cultures, team dynamics and conflict. The development of processes in business, work readiness and training programmes.

I have worked with individuals in the corporate world, Department of Corrections, disengaged youth, long-term unemployed, individuals who experienced mental and physical work injuries, refugees, migrants, individuals with disabilities. And individuals from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island and Maori cultures during this time.

For twelve years I was a critical part of the design and delivery of some of the most successful pre-employment and work readiness programmes in Australia and New Zealand. I have walked beside many individuals in Australia and New Zealand who have made significant differences to themselves, their lives, the lives of their families, their communities and their workplaces.

Over the years I have personally and professionally experienced the vulnerability, hurt, anger, judgements, shame, rejection and pain. This supported me to uncover and self-facilitate the unravelling of my conditioning in my process to be me – the real Melinda.

I was told by an employer “love your personality but you don’t fit here”. So I created my own business where I did fit. The fitting was actually about fitting in me. As an employer I consciously worked on creating and developing a transparent culture, that supported the personal growth and development of the people in my businesses. I understand compliance, policy and procedures and human processing. I also have put my businesses into liquidation.

I am so blessed to have met, got to know, shared with and worked with so many people who have a wealth of difference, similarities, complexities, stories, beliefs, rawness, backgrounds, processing and humanness.

And I have driven many thousands of kilometres in Australia, met amazing people, had painful, joyous and bizarre experiences personally and professionally, been a representative in the first New Zealand Women’s Dragon Boat team, and I love milk with a touch of coffee.

I am rich in my experiences that are so diverse on the spectrum of amazing to devastating and I would not change any of it.

I now have the joy of coaching and facilitating individuals one on one to work through their processing and reconnect to their true self. Writing books and creating on line training courses.

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