I Make a Difference by choosing to journey the internal adventure of unravelling, healing who I became and uncovering, discovering, reclaiming and expanding who I truly am - my true self, the jewel that is me - I Make a Difference.
Melinda Cates
I choose connect to, be with, listen to, care about, understand and facilitate another person to make a difference to themselves - U Make a Difference.
Melinda Cates
We choose to care about, support and facilitate each other so that we both own and expand the value and worth of who we are - We Make a Difference.
Melinda Cates
When ‘WE’ make a difference, we impact, influence and facilitate a difference within our families, communities, workplaces, sports teams and all of the relationships ‘WE’ have - Culturally Make a Difference.
Melinda Cates
And when 'WE' culturally make a difference, the energy that is transmitted, the influence that is shared, the impact that the difference has on everyone and the flow on effect it has, is significant and the light of what is right, pure and possible touches many - Globally Make a Difference.
Melinda Cates
Melinda Cates


Melinda Cates

I MAKE A DIFFERENCE – My personal growth and self-facilitation journey

Simply put – I know the adventure. I have journeyed it. I have felt, then immersed myself in every emotionally painful aspect of myself, so that I faced all of it, to heal it. I worked with all the bizarre, fierce, scary and so powerfully judgmental thoughts I had, that consumed me, so that I found quiet. I have been rejected, abandoned, blamed, betrayed, beaten up, shamed, used, not valued by myself, let alone by others.

I have experienced not fitting in, being desperately lonely, depressed, isolated and lost. I have sunk to the bottom of the abyss purposely, to face what I knew I would, so that I could heal and unravel what I knew was not me and that which I no longer wanted to have a hold on me. 

I have hoped, then believed and then known things would change, that I would find me, and be free of the restriction, strangulation of fear and dependency. 

I have rediscovered my love, trust and value in myself. I found my true voice, and not my reactive voice. I found the gentleness, kindness and peacefulness within me that is natural to me. 

And through all of this I have breathed, cried, yelled, laughed, fought, wanted to give up – but my soul was strong, bright and did not give up on me.

And during all of this, I found the answers, tools and resources in me to bring about the change, healing and growth I knew was possible. I made a difference to me. 

I got to know the process of how I became the human conditioned and hurt me. And how to return home to the true me. I pieced the processes together to create a powerful process and program  called ‘I Make a Difference’ that provides the map of the adventure and helps and guides others through the experiences and processing they go through.

A program that is real, deep, simple and makes sense of everything that we go through and how to work with each part of who we are and are not and what we experience.

And I got to share, facilitate, guide and resource others through their process, so they got to know who they truly are. They got to know how to work with the parts of themselves that they no longer required and they got to connect to their jewel – their real and natural self – their soul-self. And as a result their relationships flourished.

I set out on my personal adventure consciously, at eighteen. My professional adventure in bringing to life my ability to self-facilitate, create training programs and my process for personal growth and connecting to your true-self, has been a 27 year adventure. And during this time, I have worked with thousands of people who have made a difference and a sustainable one, to who they are.

Melinda Cates

U Make a Difference – I facilitated others to make a difference to who they are

Over the last twenty seven years I have had the honor of having valuable and powerful experiences facilitating, training and coaching:

  • individuals and groups in corporate environments, in various countries, as they developed and enhanced the human element of their businesses, and evolved their business cultures. They created more inclusive, self-empowered and productive spaces of work, whilst developing the individuals within.
  • individuals in business to develop their ability to facilitate work colleagues one on one, meetings, facilitation sessions and training.
  • female and male inmates and youth in detention, to explore who they are, the experiences they had lived and the choices they had made so that they developed who they are and their ability to make different choices. 
  • long term unemployed, disengaged youth, migrants, refugees, individuals who had experienced work place accidents, Aboriginal Australians and unemployed young people in some of the most successful work readiness and pre-employment programs in Australia and New Zealand. They grew in their understanding of themselves, the discovery and development of skills, ability, confidence and worth that they have, which resulted in them securing employment.
  • individuals who were members of the public, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, daughters, sons and friends that chose to complete the I Make a Difference face to face program, so that they could unravel their conditioning, heal hurt and reconnect consciously to their true self.

I  know people, I know human processes and I know processing. I have gained insight into others. I have stuffed up in how I have facilitated others, however I learnt and applied those learnings. 

I know what you are experiencing, why, where it comes from and how to work with it. 

The process is simple. It does take commitment, courage, tenacity, resilience and on a number of days – support from the right person to travel the adventure. But it is so so so worth it. 

There are days of pain, but in working through the pain, you heal it, which creates the space for what is natural to you – joy, peace and many other beautiful qualities. 

I know my adventure went deep and wide externally – with experiences personally and professionally triggering so many of my insecurities, my fears, areas for change, for development and the beautiful parts of me. All of those experiences triggered what I needed to face in me, so that I knew the process because I was living it, and so I knew how to work with what I was experiencing, so I could be me, the true me again. And so I could share it with you.

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