The natural way something operates, works, and unfolds. A journey from one point to another, to an outcome, conclusion, realization, or pausing point.
Melinda Cates
Processing is your experience of the process.
Melinda Cates
Facilitation is an approach that focuses on process and processing. It is about making it easier to make progress in the process and processing of the process.
Melinda Cates
Self-facilitation is applying a facilitation approach to yourself internally where a part of you is in the facilitator role asking yourself questions to work through any internal processing you are experiencing.
Melinda Cates


Facilitation is not just an approach you apply to meetings, training or one on ones; it is an approach to life and self-facilitation is a way of life.

I facilitate individuals, groups and training programme, processes and processing. To assist individuals to find their way from one point to another. Through them raising their awareness of their process and processing and uncovering and exploring the answers they have within them, to achieve what they want.

The discovery and outcomes that can be achieved through others being guided to discover their own answers and empowering themselves to take responsibility for their own journey and decisions, is true and sustainable change.

I train and resource others in developing their self-facilitation and facilitation ability.

Melinda Cates


There is nothing more intriguing and glorious than seeing, hearing, sensing and experiencing natural human processes and processing unfolding. Each step, each element unfolds in a magical way, it all makes such amazing sense and has such a beauty to it.

A facilitator is experienced in understanding and knowing human process and processing.

What individuals discover, where groups evolve to and what businesses experience and what communities go through and how cultures develop, has its own rhythm, fluidity and purpose. More importantly, the process of an individual is the most magical thing.

There is a process to everything in life. It is looking for and finding the patterns, the links, the connections , the meaning and working with all of these elements.

Human processing has so many dimensions, depths, mystery’s and yet similar reasoning and steps to it.

When you stop being scared of your own process, your processing and the process of life. And when you truly trust the process, then everything happens for a reason. Everything happens at the time it was meant to happen and for your benefit.

I facilitate people’s processing.


Writing is an expression of our process and processing. There is a different process to each of the different types of things we write, as the intent is different for each focus.

For many years writing has been a way of helping me with my emotional processing and developing my businesses. As well as designing training programmes, reviewing and creating many many many policies and procedures.


I now am writing the I Make a Difference collection of books.


When I design programmes, and I work with the programme content and structure, I focus on two key things

1. The process of the people and what they go through. Their emotional, mental and physical processing on the journey through the programme

2. That the approach to the delivery of the programme is a facilitated one, where the participants:

  • are facilitated to draw upon their knowledge, experience and ability. Content is only added if it adds value to the participants.
  •  process is the key focus of what is to be delivered and when. So the programme is flexible to be responsive to this.
  •  are empowered to own the process. And grow their ability to facilitate their learning.


People who attend training sessions, to me, are called participants. The intention of the term is that every individual is participating in the process together. Every person in the space learns from each other. As much as the participants are learning so is the trainer.

Training is the exploration and upskilling of people in certain areas of life and business. 

I train people in an array of areas. The key focuses being personal development and leadership (including managing emotions and behaviours and anger management). As well as facilitation skills, and leadership. 

The programmes I have designed I also deliver.

I deliver training with a facilitated approach. 

The people who attend training have extensive knowledge, skills and experiences. So why teach people to suck eggs, when they can be guided to know what they know. You work with them as to how they can apply what they know in their work and life.

I design and deliver training programmes including the I Make a Difference Personal Exploration Programme and the U Make a Difference Facilitation Programme.

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