I am a True Self Coach  a Facilitator an Author Fascinated with Human Process Captivated by Human Processing an exponent of Self Facilitation  Melinda Cates ME

Facilitating, coaching and guiding individuals to strengthen their connection to their true self and their ability to self-facilitate their process and facilitate the process of others.

I care about, see and believe in who people truly are.


I care about the fact that you may feel emotions and have thoughts you do not know how to work through, deal with and change. I care that you may not see the beauty and value of who you truly are, because I know I will see you – the true you. 


I want individuals to be able to reconnect to their true self. To have the trust in themselves and the ability to be who they truly are. You – the true you.


I facilitate individuals to manage and heal their emotions, work through and change the conditioning of limiting thoughts and beliefs and to embrace the magical qualities, answers and limitless potential you have within you. 


For you to make a difference to yourself. And to also develop your ability to guide, interact with and facilitate others to make a difference to themselves.


I facilitate people to develop their ability to:

  • self-facilitate their own personal processing, exploration and growth
  • facilitate others process, processing and self exploration




Who you truly are is a beautiful, worth filled, limitless, magical, whole, valuable and glorious being – if you cannot see this in you, I can support you to do so. 


I am a coach, mentor, trainer and guide all wrapped into one – I am a Facilitator. 

I facilitate individuals to grow their self trust and ability to go beneath the surface of who they are. So they grow their awareness, understanding and ability to self-facilitate and work through their own processes and processing

So they unravel the conditioned, beliefs, behaviors and reactions that are not true to who they are. And manage and heal their emotions. Where they own their truth, embrace their self-acceptance, and love and trust their true self.

When a person is willing to look at, explore and work with their processing. And develop who they are, the freedom, the groundedness and the personal power they discover, will empower them to make a difference to themselves and their life.

I Facilitate Individuals to Develop Their Ability to Facilitate Their Personal Processing

I support individuals to develop their awareness and understanding of human processes and processing. 

I resource and coach individuals to facilitate the process of the people they interact with and to develop powerful facilitation skills that can be applied in both their professional and personal lives.

As a facilitator, they make a difference by facilitating others to make a difference  to their lives.

I Facilitate Individuals to Develop Their Ability to Facilitate Other Peoples' Processing

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Grow Your Ability to Self-Facilitate Your Own
Growth and or
Facilitate the
Growth of Others

Grab Your Copy of I Make a Difference

Packed with self-facilitation exercises, loads of tools and approaches to guide you to understand, work through, manage, change and develop areas within you, that you want to make a difference to,  so you can strengthen your connection to the beauty and value of who you are – your true self.

I Make a Difference – is described as “a manual for life”

People's Experience

“being inspired by yourself creates an environment of inspiration for others” - Melinda Cates

Be limitless.

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