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As an individual, a partner, a parent, a facilitator, an emerging leader, work colleague and a friend do you want to enhance your ability to not just manage but maximize the opportunities your human experience offers you for the growth and expansion of you, your potential, your interactions and your relationships?

Where ever you are in your personal growth, no matter your age, you can always go deeper and broader in exploring who you are, releasing who you are not and discovering more of the magic of not just yourself, but also other people.

The more you dive into the human process and fully embrace and experience the adventure of lessons, learning, unraveling, healing, discovery, expression and expansion the more you reconnect to and become your true-self -your soul-self.

The resources and guidance that I facilitate keeps it realm simple and guides you to shine a light within you to explore the conditioned, hurt, natural and true aspects of you. And the more you are able to self-facilitate your process, and work through your own processing and make a difference to you, the more you can grow and develop your ability to facilitate others, to support them to make a difference to who they are, and to your relationships.

Within you and everyone you know, at the core of you, is your true-self, your soul-self. The essential part of you that is whole, natural, perfect, light filled, fluid, knowing and untouched by your human experience. The part of you where there is no ‘lack of’, there is no doubt, where trust is not a concept because there is no lack of trust or distrust, and there are no emotions, because they are a human process.

You and everyone you know is connected to their true-self and you have the ability, to grow your awareness of your connection and to strengthen your connection so that the true you is who you express again.

As a human, you have been conditioned to experience areas of your life and see yourself in complex and emotional ways. Conditioning that limits, hinders and suppresses who you are, and your potential. Conditioning that creates patterns of complexity and emotional reactions in your interactions and relationships.

When you know how to unravel, heal and dissolve the complexity, you reconnect to the natural simplicity that is you. You see, hear and experience the simplicity and beauty of who you are, who others are and life. 

Facilitation is a key process that you can apply to assist your process and processing to be more simpler and easier. Growing your ability to self-facilitate, makes your progress with navigating through your emotional, mental, physiological, physical and energy processing simpler and fascinating. 

And as you get to know and manage you with greater ease, comfort and confidence, your ability to facilitate other people through their process enhances. You then not only make a difference to who you are, u also make a difference in facilitating others to make a difference to who they are. 

So imagine how your interactions can flourish and how the potential of your relationships can be expressed and experienced. And this is all because of you making a difference to you.




Discover more of you, your potential, your true self, and experience the expansion of the expression of who you truly are and the what your relationships truly can be.


Explore I Make a Difference, the process and road map for your growth and evolvement through the human adventure, so that you can strengthen your connection to your true-self, your soul-self

Explore U Make a Difference, a space to access resources and processes to grow your ability to powerfully facilitate the processing that other people experience, so that they grow in their ability and confidence to facilitate themselves.

Grab Your Copy of I Make a Difference

I Make a Difference introduces you to and details the process you experience in being your soul-self in human form to where you become your human conditioned and hurt self, and the adventure required, to journey back to reconnecting to and being your true-self (soul-self) in human form. 

 Packed with self-facilitation exercises, loads of tools and approaches to guide you to understand, work through, manage, change and develop areas within you, that you want to make a difference to,  so you can strengthen your connection to the beauty and value of who you are – your true self.

I Make a Difference – is described as “a manual for life”

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I Make a Difference podcast

Melinda Cates leaves no stone unturned as she maps the connection between soul and human experience. Her rare thoroughness and attention to intellect, emotion and sensing is as exemplary as it is necessary in the treatment of this important subject matter . One gets the palpable impression her insight and wisdom has been distilling over many decades through amazingly lived conscious experience . So grateful she has made this podcast so many others can have the benefit of her unique knowing . ❤️

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