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I am the creator of the I Make a Difference model and processes and the U Make a Difference model and processes.

I have been a facilitator, trainer, course creator, and entrepreneur for 27 years. It has been the most amazing adventure of personal healing, growth, and evolvement.

I have worked with a diverse array of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and personal circumstances. As well as individuals across different areas of business and individuals of different socio-economic statuses.

My journey has provided me with the opportunity to know myself deeply and gift me with insight, experience, and knowledge of the differences and similarities in people’s processing, behaviors, and communication. I know human processes and processing.

I love being able to walk beside any individual, who is committed to and wants to know who they are. To provide them with the space and resources to feel confident to explore and work with the conditioned and hurt parts of themselves where they release the hold their past has had on them, and so they heal.

I love experiencing a person rediscovering who they truly are, where they embrace the beauty, worth, and power of their true self so that they express what is natural to them and their true potential.  

It is an honor to be invited to be a part of their journey.

A long time ago I committed to understanding the pathway of our human experience, what that entails, what our purpose is in experiencing it, and the way back to who we truly are.

The understanding I have gained and continue to gain, fuels my desire to create and provide courses, resources, and experiences that guide people to grow their awareness, understanding, and ability to navigate their journey of unraveling, healing, and reconnection as they rediscover who they truly are.

Melinda Cates
What I am Passionate about - Melinda Cates
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