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I know you can be self-reliant in facilitating your own healing and growth process. That you can heal the hurts from your past. That you can uncover and discover who you truly are, the magical qualities that lie within you, the answers that are at the core of you and your limitless potential.

I know you can be you – your true self 

Do you?


I facilitate individuals to make a difference to themselves and then develop their ability to guide others to make a difference.


I facilitate people to develop their ability to:

  • self-facilitate their own personal processing, exploration and growth
  • facilitate others process, processing and self exploration



You can be who you truly are. Who you truly are is limitless.

Working through what you are feeling and experiencing can be overwhelming let alone understanding  it, let alone knowing how to change it.
I Make a Difference provides the insight, structure and processes for you to not only work through what you are feeling and thinking, but also reconnect to the beauty and value of who you are – your true self.
I Make a Difference – is described as “a manual for life”

I am a coach, mentor, trainer and guide all wrapt into one – I am a Facilitator. I facilitate individuals to not be afraid to go beneath the surface of who they are. So they grow their awareness, understanding and ability to self facilitate their own processes and processing

Where they can unravel the aspects of themselves that are not true to who they are. Where they own their truth, embrace their self-acceptance, and love and trust their true self.

When a person is willing to look at, explore and work with their processing. And develop who they are, the freedom, the groundedness and the personal power they discover, will empower them to make a difference to themselves and their life.

I Facilitate Individuals to Develop Their Ability to Facilitate Their Personal Processing

Melinda Cates

I support individuals to develop their awareness and understanding of human process, processing. 

I resource and coach them to facilitate the process of the people they interact with, so that they develop their awareness, are understood and make a difference to their lives.

Whether this be with their partners, clients, employees, work colleagues, mentorees, participants, students, team members or children to name a few.

I Facilitate Individuals to Develop Their Ability to Facilitate Other Peoples' Processing

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People's Experience

“being inspired by yourself creates an environment of inspiration for others” - Melinda Cates

Be limitless.

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