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Being a SOUL EXPERIENCING LIFE AS A HUMAN is an interesting journey to say the least...

It encompasses moments of PAIN, LONELINESS, LOSS, DESPAIR, HARDSHIP, UNFAIRNESS and SADNESS particularly from the perspective of your human self

However, it's also a journey filled with magic, spirituality, beauty, joy, enrichment, expansion, love, and empowerment. offering an abundance of opportunities for your growth and personal transformation.

This is your adventure for this lifetime


  • unravel and let go of the aspects of yourself that aren’t in alignment with your true nature
  • heal the parts of you that have been hurt and undeservedly so
  • embrace the immense potential of your unique human self and allow it to be expressed fully
  • harness the value and benefits of every experience
  • rediscover the immense power, purity, worth and expansiveness of your true self

You possess incredible potential as a soul in human form.
Your purpose is to fully immerse yourself in the human experience—to learn, discover, grow, and become your true self, fully expressing your unique potential

my role in your journey…

TO FACILITATE YOUR PROCESS, helping you explore the parts of yourself that you have kept hidden, and to support you in owning the magnificent elements of your being
TO COACH AND GUIDE YOU IN NAVIGATING YOUR INNER WORLD, helping you to forgive, accept, embrace, nurture, and love yourself
TO HELP YOU SEE WHAT I SEE IN YOU, the truth and magic of who you are and to support you with unwavering conviction and belief in your inherent worth and potential
TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE STRATEGIES AND APPROACHES to empower your self-reliance, and ability to work through and embrace every experience you have

TO WALK BESIDE YOU, as you reconnect to and embody your true self


I am an individual that has always walked my own path and truth, different to those around me.

I couldn’t conform because my soul wouldn’t let me, and I felt emotions fully to the depths of my being.

I haven’t and don’t fit the mold because I’ve come to realize that I was simply being true to myself in my search for me, the true me. At a young age, I harbored self-hatred due to the person I was becoming and the rejection I faced from others.

I have stood up for what is right and fair, albeit often with anger. Despite my efforts, I’ve faced betrayal from many. For years, I dwelled in profound loneliness and a desperate need for acceptance, longing to be liked and sometimes even questioning my existence. My generous heart, though, has often led me to be taken advantage of, both by others and by my own actions.

At the age of 18, I made a firm commitment to embark on a journey of self-discovery. My goal was to unearth the true essence of myself, shedding the layers of conditioning, hurt, emotional reactivity, and rejection that had accumulated over the years, and reconnect to the true me.

I have been called a DISRUPTOR, TRUTH SURFACER, INDEPENDENT, TOUGH CHICK, STRONG and SCARY because people tell me they feel uncomfortable that I can see who they truly are.

Those who get to know me, where they allow themselves to truly open up to me, call me Minz. A loyal, consistent, strong yet gentle, non-judgemental, understanding and safe friend who truly understands them.

I have a deep love for animals, particularly cats, and I am a vegetarian because I cannot bear to see animals suffer.

I found me, the true me, and I still have the occasional residue echo from the past, that used to really impact me.

Lone is the word that describes me, someone who has now accepted  that I am an individual who is a loner.



When I was 21 I went to India, for the purpose of shocking my system out of my self absorbed state and to learn compassion. I was gifted with so much more than that.

I was a living emotional wreck, destroying myself and my relationships, due to the violent relationship I had with my father, and years of anorexia and bulimia. I needed an environment that was so different to what I knew to help shift this.

One of those environments was an Ashram, my mother had been associated with the New Zealand one. Whilst I was there, I processed who I was and where I was heading. In response to this I chose to be initiated. A process I saw as a formal declaration of my commitment to healing and uncovering my true self.

The powerful guru was the person who performed the initiation and he shared some significant gifts with me. Statements he made that would be a reflection of my journey ahead. Something I did not know at the time.

He said whilst you have youth on your side, experience everything you can and lose your dependency on everyone and everything.

He then gave me the scanscript name,  Manikutaananda. I was told this meant jewel at the top of the mountain.

This was to be my personal purpose in this life, to find my jewel within me, which also became part of my role in life, to guide others to discover theirs.

Little did I realize until later in life, when he said experience everything you can, it was not about worldly travel experiences. The journey was about experiences that would provide me with the opportunity to discover where I was conditioned, emotionally traumatised ,where I needed to learn how not to be me, and where I was the true me.

I was raised on a farm, spending most of my time with the one person who loved me unconditionally – my grandfather who was not my biological one.

I was first beaten when I was seven, and this continued into my teens, the only difference was I started fighting back. 

My mother introduced me to astrology, spiritual processes, meditation and the ashram in my teens. 

There were many things I did during my twenties that I felt shame about for many years. I was lost, running away from myself, incredibly lonely, and outrageous.

My father who I only saw once for an hour after I was 18, sent me a letter at 24 threatening some pretty horrific things, that was my tipping point. I had no other choice. I had to start doing the deep and serious work on myself to heal me or else. The ‘or else’ options were… well you can imagine.

I knew I had the answers in myself as to what I needed to do, to discover and become the real and authentic me.

I studied myself, immersed myself in my processing, exploring the different processes I was working with. Whilst also exploring them with others who processed differently to me.

My 30’s was when my professional growth began, but most importantly in 2000 was when I designed the I Make a Difference Model, that provides the complete picture of who we are and who we are not, and the process for how that happens.

I have never been married – yet, but have been engaged for over ten years.

My knowing is strong and I have listened to it for a long time.

I was a very competitive dragonboater, surflifesaver and I paddled outriggers.

I have placed myself in so many situations and been guided to as well, where extreme and unusual things would happen in short spaces of time, because I was ready to have all the parts of me that needed healing, to be triggered, so I could progress on my journey.

There is so much to all of our journeys, but the most beautiful part of mine, besides my partner, my cats, my mum and the incredible people I have come to know, is that I found me, the real me.

I have been a facilitator, coach, mentor trainer, course creator, and entrepreneur for 27 years.

I have walked besides 1000’s of people as part of their self-discovery journey, guiding them to reconnect to the jewel within them, their true self. 

The people I have worked with have come from many different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and personal circumstances. As well as individuals across different areas and levels of business and individuals of different socio-economic statuses.

My insight and knowledge of human processes, processing, behaviors, styles of communicating and what I know about people is at such a profound level, due to my desire to not only understand myself but also others and our similarities and differences. This is why I have been able to work with a diversity of people.

I have accumulated years of experience in knowing what it takes to create a supportive environment where individuals can feel confident to explore and address the conditioned and hurtful aspects of themselves. My expertise lies in guiding them through this process, empowering them to release the hold their past has had on them and facilitating their journey towards healing.

It is the most precious experience to be a part of a person rediscovering who they truly are, where they embrace the beauty, worth, and power of their true self so that they express what is natural to them and their true potential. I have owned and operated two successful businesses dedicated to transforming the cultures of organizations and the personal and professional lives of individuals. These endeavors have served both individuals who are marginalized and those seeking to discover more about their true selves. I have not only had an incredible array of personal experiences that gifted me the opportunity to go through the hurt and pain of being human, and then heal it, but also professional experiences.

I am deeply passionate about crafting and delivering courses, resources, coaching, and experiences that empower individuals to expand their awareness, deepen their understanding, and navigate their journey of self-unraveling, healing, and reconnection. My aim is to guide them in rediscovering their true selves.
Melinda Cates

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